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Pretty much, yeah.


Pretty much, yeah.

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forever reblog that 4 seasons later, Derek still gives Stiles the same look when he want’s him to go along with something…

this is why Tyler Hoechlin is amazing. No one knows their character like he does. 

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I think every writer/artist has that one story/drawing that gets completely skipped over, and they’d never say it aloud, but inside they’re like

'fuck all y'all, that's one of the best things I've done'

plus one story/drawing that everyone loves

'really? that one?’

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Sometimes there are no words

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Stand a little closer why don’t you

Personal space is the region surrounding a person which they regard as psychologically theirs. Most people value their personal space and feel discomfort, anger, or anxiety when their personal space is encroached.[1] Permitting a person to enter personal space and entering somebody else’s personal space are indicators of perception of the relationship between the people. There is an intimate zone reserved for lovers, children and close family members.”

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